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Spherical YF3 Yttrium Fluoride

  • Commodity name: Spherical YF3 Yttrium Fluoride
  • Commodity ID: 1100067362188185600
  • Product Description
  • Plasma Spray Coating is mostly used to produce coatings on structural materials. Such coatings provide protection against high temperatures (for example thermal barrier coatings for exhaust heat management), corrosion, erosion, wear; they can also change the appearance, electrical or tribological properties of the surface, replace worn material, etc. When sprayed on substrates of various shapes and removed, free-standing parts in the form of plates, tubes, shells, etc. can be produced. It can also be used for powder processing (spheroidization, homogenization, modification of chemistry, etc.). In this case, the substrate for deposition is absent and the particles solidify during flight or in a controlled environment (e.g., water). This technique with variation may also be used to create porous structures, suitable for bone ingrowth, as a coating for medical implants. A polymer dispersion aerosol can be injected into the plasma discharge in order to create a grafting of this polymer on to a substrate surface. This application is mainly used to modify the surface chemistry of polymers.

    Product Name : Spherical YF3 Powder

    Particle size : D50 25~35um,  it can be controlled

    Purity : ≥99.9%

    Packing : 25kg,50kg or as required by the customer.


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