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Gallium Fluoride GaF3

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Gallium Fluoride


Formula: GaF3

Purity:   99.99%

CAS No.: 7783-51-9

Molecular Weight: 126.72

Appearance:      White powder

Melting Point:    800° C

Density:4.47 g/cm3

Solubility:    Very slightly soluble


Gallium (III) fluoride powder, or Gallium trifluoride powder (GaF3 powder), is an inorganic compound. The melting point of this white solid exceeds 1000°C, but it will sublimate around 950°C.  Gallium trifluoride has the FeF3 structure where the gallium atoms are 6-coordinate. It can be prepared by reacting F2 or HF with Ga2O3, and it can also be obtained by thermal decomposition of (NH4)3GaF6. Gallium (III) fluoride powder can be used for the preparation and research of optical gallium fluoride glass.


Gallium (III) fluoride powder can be used to prepare a long carbon chain olefin, using one or more mixtures of natural alcohols or esters as the reaction substrate, after gasification, the reactor is reacted with a catalyst, and then the Long-chain alkenes are prepared after product separation.

Packing: 1kg/bag vacuum package or as customer’s require


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