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Silicon Dioxide SiO2

Silicondioxide(SiO2): Chemicalformula:SiO2Molecularweight:60.084CAS:14808-60-7 Uses:silicausedinthemanufactureofflatglass,glass,foundrysand,glassfibers,ceramicglaze,rustsandblasting,sandfiltration,flu
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Silicon dioxide (SiO2):


Chemical formula: SiO2

Molecular weight: 60.084



Uses: silica used in the manufacture of flat glass, glass, foundry sand, glass fibers, ceramic glaze, rust sandblasting, sand filtration, flux, refractories and manufacture lightweight bubble concrete. Silica is very versatile. Crystal relatively rare in nature important components used to manufacture the electronics industry, optical instruments and crafts. Silica is an important raw material to manufacture optical fiber. Generally more pure quartz, quartz glass used to make. Quartz glass expansion coefficient is small, equivalent to 1/18 of ordinary glass, can withstand drastic changes in temperature, good acid resistance (except HF outside), therefore, quartz glass used to manufacture high-temperature chemical instruments. Quartz sand used as glass materials and building materials.


Silica is an important component of the manufacture of glass, quartz glass, water glass, fiber optics, electronics industry, optical instruments, crafts and refractory raw materials, is an important material for scientific research.


Synthetic rubber reinforcing material, a synthetic resin filler, ink (ink jet printer), paint thickeners, matting agents, feed additives, quartz glass, plastic glass production.

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