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Scandium Fluoride ScF3

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Scandium Fluoride

Formula: ScF3
CAS No.: 13709-47-2
Molecular Weight: 101.95
Density: 3.84 g/cm3
Melting point: 1552°C
Appearance: White powder or crystalline
Solubility: Insoluble 


Scandium Fluoride is widely used as a chemical reagent. Scandium Fluoride is applied in optical coating, catalyst, electronic ceramics, laser industry, and also the main materials for making Scandium metal and alloys. The main application of Scandium by weight is in Scandium-Aluminium alloys for minor aerospace industry components. Some items of sports equipment, which rely on high-performance materials, have been made with Scandium-Aluminium alloys, including baseball bats, and bicycle frames and components. Lacrosse sticks are also made with Scandium. 

Packing: 1kg/bag vacuum package or as customer’s require


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