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Beryllium Fluoride BeF2

  • Commodity name: Beryllium Fluoride BeF2
  • Commodity ID: 1100067370119614464
  • Product Description
  • Product: Beryllium Fluoride

    MF: BeF2

    CAS: 7787-49-7

    Purity: 99% min

    Molecular Weight: 47.01

    Form: Powder

    Color: White

    Melting Point: 545℃

    Boiling Point: 1169℃

    Density: 1.986g/cm3

    Application: Optics

    Beryllium Fluorideis the inorganic compound. Beryllium fluoride can be made by the thermolysis of ammonium beryllium fluoride, (NH4)2BeF4.Beryllium Fluoride in the form of fluoroberyllate glass it has the lowest refractive index for a solid at room temperature of 1.275. It dispersive power is the lowest for a solid at 0.0093. It is used in biochemistry, particularly protein crystallography as a mimic of phosphate. Beryllium Fluoride forms a basic constituent of the preferred fluoride salt mixture used in liquid-fluoride nuclear reactors.



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