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Aluminum Oxide Tablet

AluminumOxide Chemicalformula:Al₂O₃MolecularWeight:101.96CAS:1344-28-1EINECS:215-691-6MeltingPoint:2050ºCBoilingPoint:2980ºCWatersolubility:solubleinwaterslightly,solubleinalkalineandacidDensity:3.5-3
  • Commodity name: Aluminum Oxide Tablet
  • Commodity ID: 1100067491473412096
  • Product Description
  • Aluminum Oxide


    Chemical formula: AlO

    Molecular Weight: 101.96

    CAS: 1344-28-1

    EINECS: 215-691-6

    Melting Point: 2050ºC

    Boiling Point: 2980ºC

    Water solubility: soluble in water slightly, soluble in alkaline and acid

    Density: 3.5-3.9g / cm3

    Appearance: white amorphous powder

    Application: used as analytical reagents, adsorbents

    Pipe system: This product is not restricted

    Lattice constant: a = 0.514nm

    Crystalstructure: O2- ion by a hexagonal packing arrangements precision

    Ruby, sapphire main ingredients are all aluminum, as other impurities present different color, sapphire is iron oxide and titanium oxide and blue. Synthetic gemstones, smelting, rust, abrasive materials, color layer media analyte, glass, refractories, ceramics, laser materials, adsorbents, flame retardant. Emery hardness can be used as abrasives, polishing powder, high-temperature sintering of alumina, said artificial corundum or synthetic stones, can be prepared by mechanical bearings or diamond timepiece. Alumina is also used as a high temperature refractory material, made bricks, crucibles, porcelain, artificial gems, etc., aluminum is the raw materials of aluminum metallurgy.


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