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Zirconium Dioxide ZrO2

ZirconiumDioxide Chemicalformula:ZrO2MolecularWeight:123.22CAS:1314-23-4Meltingpoint:about2700℃Boilingpoint:4300℃Watersolubility:insolubleinwaterDensity:5.85ThechemicalpropertyofZirconiumdioxideisinac
  • Commodity name: Zirconium Dioxide ZrO2
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  • Zirconium Dioxide


    Chemical formula: ZrO2

    Molecular Weight: 123.22

    CAS: 1314-23-4

    Melting point: about 2700 ℃

    Boiling point: 4300 ℃

    Water solubility: insoluble in water

    Density: 5.85

    The chemical property of Zirconium dioxide is inactive and has a high melting point, high resistivity, high refractive index and low thermal expansion coefficient properties, making it an important high temperature materials, ceramic insulating material and ceramic sunscreen, is also a major artificial diamond raw material. The energy band gap of about 5-7eV.

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