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Silicon Oxide SiO

SiO Formula:SioMolecularweight:44.0838 Darkbrowntoocheramorphouspowder,whitecubiccrystals;mp>1702°C,theboilingpointof1880°C,density2.13g/cc.Solubleindilutehydrofluoricacidandnitricacidmixture.Insolubl
  • Commodity name: Silicon Oxide SiO
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  • SiO


    Formula: Sio

    Molecular weight: 44.0838


    Dark brown to ocher amorphous powder, white cubic crystals; mp> 1702 ° C, the boiling point of 1880 ° C, density 2.13 g / cc. Soluble in dilute hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid mixture. Insoluble in water. A white silica powder is heated in the air. SiO less stable in the air will be oxidized to silicon dioxide. When a silicon oxide vapor condensation will slow disproportionation (see disproportionation) is made of silicon and silicon dioxide. A silicon oxide can be dissolved in a mixed acid of hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid and the release of silicon tetrafluoride.


    Uses: Coating material


    Particle size range can be customized 0.1-5mm


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