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Lead Fluoride PbF2

Leadfluoride Molecularformula:PbF2CAS:7783-46-2 Physicalproperties:whitecrystalorpowder.Therearetwocrystallineforms,orthogonaltransformationtocubiccrystalwhenmorethan316℃.Dissolvedinnitricacid,slightl
  • Commodity name: Lead Fluoride PbF2
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  • Product Description
  • Lead fluoride


    Molecular formula: PbF2

    C A S: 7783-46-2


    Physical properties: white crystal or powder. There are two crystalline forms, orthogonal transformation to cubic crystal when more than 316 ℃. Dissolved in nitric acid, slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid, very slightly soluble in water (20 ℃, 0.065G / 100ml), when there is the presence of nitric acid or nitrates can increase their solubility, insoluble in hydrofluoric acid. The relative density of 8.445 (orthogonal), 7.750 (cubic). A melting point of 824 ℃. Boiling point 1293 ℃.


    Uses: welding agent component. Reductant and desulphurization agents. Lead fluoride crystal material may be used as the infrared spectroscopic (IR can pass through), it can also be used synchrotron.



    Purity: 99.999 (%)


    Particle size range can be customized 0.1-5mm


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