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Lanthanum Oxide La2O3

Lanthanumoxide(La2O3) Molecularweight:325.8091CASNo.1312-81-8;12680-02-3EINECSNo.215-200-5Appearance:whiteamorphouspowderMeltingpoint2217℃4200℃boilingpointofwater-solubleandwater-solubleDensityDensity
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Lanthanum oxide (La2O3)


Molecular weight: 325.8091

CAS No. 1312-81-8; 12680-02-3

EINECS No. 215-200-5

Appearance: white amorphous powder

Melting point 2217 ℃ 4200 ℃ boiling point of water-soluble and water-soluble Density Density 6.51g / cm3

Uses: Made of special alloys used in the manufacture of precision optical glass, high refractive optical fiber, suitable for cameras, camera, microscope lens and advanced optical instruments prism. Also used in the manufacture of ceramic capacitors, piezoelectric ceramics dopants and X-ray emitting material bromine lanthanum oxide powder. Used as a catalyst for many, for improving barium titanate (BaTiO3), strontium titanate temperature (SrTiO3) dependence of ferroelectric and dielectric properties, and the manufacture of fiber optics and optical glass.

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