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Holmium Oxide Ho2O3

Holmiumoxide(Ho2O3) MolecularWeight:377.86CAS:39455-61-3Density:8.36g/cm3Meltingpoint:2367℃Appearanceandcharacters:Insolubleinwater,solubleinacid.Paleyellowcrystallinepowder.Accordingtothelightconditi
  • Commodity name: Holmium Oxide Ho2O3
  • Commodity ID: 1100067381150633984
  • Product Description
  • Holmium oxide (Ho2O3)


    Molecular Weight: 377.86

    CAS: 39455-61-3

    Density: 8.36g / cm3

    Melting point: 2367 ℃

    Appearance and characters: Insoluble in water, soluble in acid. Pale yellow crystalline powder. According to the light conditions, holmium oxide quite significant color change. Exposure to sunlight as a light yellow, light under the three primary colors, was strongly orange,


    Uses: holmium oxide for the manufacture of the new light source lamp dysprosium, holmium, yttrium iron can be used as yttrium aluminum garnet eligible additives and preparation of metal holmium. For the Soviet diamond and glass yellow, red colorant. Glass and holmium oxide holmium oxide solution containing (usually perchloric acid solution) spectrum in the 200-900nm range has Octavia absorption peak, and therefore can be used as the spectrometer calibration standard, holmium oxide can also be used as special catalyst, phosphor and laser material. Holmium laser wavelength of about 2.08 μm, for medical, optical radar, wind speed measurements and atmospheric monitoring.


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