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Calcium Oxide CaO

CalciumOxide Chemicalformula:CaOCAS:1305-78-8  Uses:Desiccant,quicklimeisremovedusingachemicalcommonlyusedindesiccantsabsorbwatervapor,butalsoforironandsteel,pesticides,pharmaceuticals,drying,tanninga
  • Commodity name: Calcium Oxide CaO
  • Commodity ID: 1100067494115823616
  • Product Description
  • Calcium Oxide


    Chemical formula: CaO

    CAS: 1305-78-8


      Uses: Desiccant, quicklime is removed using a chemical commonly used in desiccants absorb water vapor, but also for iron and steel, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, drying, tanning and alcohol dehydration. Especially suitable for puffed food, mushrooms, fungus and other native products, as well as instrumentation, medicine, clothing, electronic telecommunications, leather, textile and other industry products.

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