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Aluminum oxide Sapphire Al2O3

Alumina FormulaAl₂O₃Molecularweight101.96CAS:1344-28-1EINECS215-691-6Meltingpoint2050ºC,Boilingpointof2980ºC.Water-soluble:slightlysolubleinwater,solubleinalkalisandacids.Density3.5-3.9g/cm3.Appearanc
  • Commodity name: Aluminum oxide Sapphire Al2O3
  • Commodity ID: 1100067430685364224
  • Product Description
  • Alumina


    Formula AlO

    Molecular weight 101.96

    CAS :1344-28-1

    EINECS 215-691-6

    Melting point 2050ºC,

    Boiling point of 2980ºC.

    Water-soluble: slightly soluble in water, soluble in alkalis and acids.

    Density 3.5-3.9g / cm3.

    Appearance: white amorphous powder


    Purpose: ruby, sapphire main ingredients are all aluminum, as other impurities present different color, sapphire is iron oxide and titanium oxide and blue. Used as analytical reagents, dehydrating the organic solvent, the adsorbent, organic catalysts, abrasives, polishing agents, aluminum smelting raw materials, refractories.


    Particle size range can be customized 0.1-5mm


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