Some understanding of Sodium Metaphosphate NaPO3

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Basic information of Sodium Metaphosphate NaPO3

Basic information of Sodium Metaphosphate NaPO3

Molecular formula: NaPO3

Molecular weight: 101.9617

Properties: relative density (d20) 2.484. The median lethal dose (mice, intraperitoneal) 830mg/kg.

Storage: Keep in a sealed and dry place.

Sodium Metaphosphate NaPO3

Sodium Metaphosphate NaPO3 quality index analysis

Arsenic: Prepare 1g/15rnl sample solution with dilute hydrochloric acid test solution (TS-117), and then measure it according to GT-3 method.

Fluorine: Take 1g of the sample and dissolve it in 5mL of 1:1 dilute hydrochloric acid as the sample solution, and measure it according to the GT-15 method, using 0.1ml of fluorine standard solution.

Heavy metals: take 2g of the sample and warm it with 25ml of dilute hydrochloric acid test solution (TS-117) until it no longer dissolves, dilute it with water to 25ml, filter it if necessary, and use it as the sample solution. Measured by GT-16 method. The amount of lead ion in the control solution (solution A) is 20 μg

The above is the introduction of the basic information/content analysis and quality index analysis of Sodium Metaphosphate NaPO3.