Things to pay attention to when storing Gallium Fluoride GaF3

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Gallium Fluoride GaF3 is an inorganic compound commonly used in the semiconductor industry and the field of optics.

Gallium Fluoride GaF3 is an inorganic compound commonly used in the semiconductor industry and the field of optics. Since Gallium Fluoride GaF3 has the characteristics of weak hygroscopicity and volatility, special attention should be paid to the following points during storage:

Gallium Fluoride GaF3

1. The storage environment should be moisture-proof and ventilated

Gallium Fluoride GaF3 is easy to absorb moisture, and it is easy to produce chemical reactions in a humid environment, resulting in damage to the quality of Gallium Fluoride GaF3, so the storage environment requires ventilation and dryness. It is recommended that the storage environment temperature be below room temperature and the relative humidity be kept below 50%.

2. Sealed storage

Gallium Fluoride GaF3 is a volatile substance, which is easy to volatilize during storage and affect its use effect. Therefore, it is recommended to store in a closed container, and write the label on the container for future use.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

Gallium Fluoride GaF3 is sensitive to light and easily decomposes when exposed to sunlight, resulting in a decrease in its quality. Therefore, during storage, we try to keep it away from direct sunlight to ensure its quality stability.

4. Fire and explosion-proof measures

Gallium Fluoride GaF3 can be decomposed at high temperature, and the gas generated is easy to cause explosion. During storage, avoid contact with heat sources to prevent safety accidents.

5. Category management

The storage management of flammable and explosive chemicals such as Gallium Fluoride GaF3 must adopt a strict classification management system. It is required to classify and place in the set storage room, and the entry of food, medicine and other prohibited items is prohibited in this room to ensure safe storage.

When storing Gallium Fluoride GaF3 daily, we should pay special attention to the above points to ensure its stable quality and provide sufficient protection for subsequent application work. At the same time, the storage time also needs to be strictly controlled and must not exceed the specified period, so as not to affect the use effect.