Liche Opto Co., Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang—a beautiful traffic hub, 260km away from Beijing, 330km away from Tianjin and 25km away from Shijiazhuang Airport, with five expressways—Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, Shijiazhuang-Huanghua Expressway, Shitai Expressway, Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway, Beijing-Kunming Expressway passing through, enjoying convenient transportation. Our company began at inorganic salt chemical industry in the preliminary period. Currently our company is consisted of three independent legal entities and 5 business departments including enterprise department, inorganic salt department, organics department, commerce department and hazardous article department. There are more than 1,000 employees including over 200 professional technicians. In 2009, the operation revenue exceeded RMB 500 million. Now our company is engaged in R&D, production and export of inorganic salt products and ranks first in R&D and production of special inorganic salt products. Our major products include fluorides, rare earth fluorides, inorganic oxides, nitrates, carbonates, phosphates and fluorescent powders, and we also sell various organics. In addition, our company owns a professional inorganic salt research team and an import and export enterprise and is a chemical industry enterprise integrating production, supply, marketing, scientific research, industry and trade and engaged in product management, trade management and capital management.   By virtue of continuous development and professionalism, our company obtained export permits and the qualifications for sales and export of dangerous chemicals, class II and class III precursor chemicals issued by the State Administration of Work Safety, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2010 to cater to the needs of international market and became the first exporter of dangerous chemicals and precursor chemicals in Hebei.   In the tenet of “Attentive Service, Quality First, Scientific Development”, we strive to build a century-old enterprise, carry out quality management in strict accordance with ISO Quality Management System, accelerate development and establish a complete quality assurance system. Meanwhile, our company strives to become a pacesetter in inorganic salt chemical industry by virtue of first-rate equipment, high-standard quality, excellent after-sales service and strong competitive advantages.

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Magnesium Oxide MgO content knowledge

When it comes to Magnesium Oxide MgO, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Do you know the difference between ordinary Magnesium Oxide MgO and activated Magnesium Oxide MgO? What does the content mean? Let's take a look today.

Magnesium Oxide MgO activity is an important indicator

When the temperature is 700 °C, the maximum conversion rate reaches the maximum value, and the residence rate is related to the surface area of ​​magnesium oxide. In the range of 900-1000 ℃, with the increase of temperature, calcined basic magnesium carbonate produces Magnesium Oxide MgO with low activity.

The role of Magnesium Oxide MgO in life

We will see all kinds of colorful clothes on the street, which will make us feel pleasing to the eyes, all of which are due to Magnesium Oxide MgO. Magnesium oxide can not only make our clothes beautiful, but also make our life colorful. In the production process of magnesium oxide, a chemical raw material called magnesium oxide needs to be added, so what is the role of magnesium oxide in magnesium oxide?

Luminous paint, ink preparation and method of use

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Optical coating and related knowledge analysis

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Magnesium Oxide MgO insulating properties applied to cable fillers

Activated Magnesium Oxide MgO has the remarkable characteristics of good insulation performance.

Rare earth luminescent materials revenue decline, is expected to brighten the performance of cathode materials of lithium ion ba

Rare earth luminescent materials revenue decline, is expected to brighten the performance of cathode materials of lithium ion batteries Previous post:Optical coating and related knowledge analysis

A brief introduction to Zirconium Fluoride ZrF4

The basic feature of Zirconium Fluoride ZrF4 is its easy absorption of hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. Oxygen has a strong affinity for oxygen. When oxygen is dissolved at 1000 °C, its volume increases significantly, and a smooth oxide film is easily formed on the surface of the fault, and its morphology is similar to that of steel. Corrosion resistant, but soluble in hydrogen acid and aqua regia.

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